Most 9/11 conspiracy theories are crazy, because intelligence agencies
designed them to be! You've been punk'd. Welcome to the Real 9/11.

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Scooter, Reggie &
the Birds
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The G8

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They Faked It

True Lies of 9/11:
Amanda & Atta

And so it is with great honour that we nominate Ms. Amanda Keller, reputed long-term girlfriend of 9/11 terrorist, Mohammed Atta : for the award in the category of 'Best Supporting Actress in a 9/11 Coverup.'

The Bush / G8
New World Order

Rise of The G8 New World Order

I've been investigating 9/11 since it happened.

Just two weeks after the event I published one of the earliest articles to question the official line. I've seen the 9/11 Truth Movement's every growing step. I've watched and weighed every piece of conspiracy evidence emerge.

For tactical reasons, I always wanted to figure out how the 9/11 Cabal had planned to contain and counter the inevitable truthseekers.

By late 2002 I was piecing together a stunning reality: Knowing a Truth Movement would arise, the 9/11 perpetrators aimed to totally control it. Not to just infiltrate it, but to be it!

After a three year investigation I concluded they had succeeded. They own the movement. After all, they built it -- laying the groundwork years before. They are it's leadership and spokespersons. They control it's talking points and it's direction. In retrospect, would you expect any less of them? The scale of the 9/11 crime dictates the scale of cover-up.

So, in August 2005 I published 'The CIA Fakes,' to alert the 9/11 Truth movement to a vast intelligence operation which was (and still is) covertly guiding their every move. I identified 108 websites which were (either knowingly or ignorantly) advancing theories and agendas which perfectly suited the aims of this covert intelligence operation.

What if almost everything you know about 9/11 Truth issues is a deception? What if the perpetrators are so slick that they have actually used the 9/11 Truth movement to their own tactical advantage at key political times? Can you handle that level of Truth?

Along with scores of Next Level Forum members, I have probed every aspect of 9/11 in comprehensive detail. What we have developed is the clearest picture yet of what actually happened; why it happened; and how it's being concealed.

Join us in uncovering and telling the Real story of 9/11.

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Cold Fusion's CIA Mole

Stephen E. Jones: "Is this a shortcut
to fusion energy? Read my lips: No!"

The Bush / G8
New World Order

Rise of The G8 New World Order


9 / 11 B e a u t i f u l  T r u t h


The ArseHoles on Mars,
9/11 & Project sCam-a-lot

Flying Kites for the CIA

CIA Myths
& the Reality

An alternative media article about 9/11 from The San Francisco Bay Guardian, which went beyond the usual knee-jerk 'conspiracy nuts' angle, noted that:

"As the public reached its pinnacle of being open to considering alternative views of 9/11, the truth movement fractured into disparate subgroups, each pushing its own pet theories, torn by internal divisions over strategy, and unable to mount a cohesive strategy that would break through the din of election-year politics."

This fracturing was, of course delberately engineered by the disinfo agents in the 9/11 movement. Indeed, the 'splits' were a carefully planned and integral part of the coverup from the start. The establishment has been actively 'managing' the 9/11 skeptics all the while -with a focussed plan which relied opon the guaranteed reelection of G.W. Bush.

A 9/11 movement was inevitable. When it arose, the establishment was there in advance, waiting for it with open arms. Many genuine people play key roles in the 9/11 movement, but are outnumbered by the operatives. 'Management' of the aftermath was always integral to the plot, and was likely resourced more heavily than the attack scenario itself..... Read On
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